Andrea is a superb teacher, and determines quickly how to best 
serve as a wonderful coach and translator also. 5 Thumbs up!!!

Marsha S.

Andrea is an absolutely amazing and wonderful tutor! I sought her help for our son who has a learning disability, to enhance his knowledge in High School Spanish. She is extremely flexible with her time availability and punctual. Andrea has now been tutoring our son in Spanish for the past three years. Andrea offers a positive and encouraging tutoring experience. Andrea has the knowledge and has taught our son how to read and write Spanish corresponding to the grammatical rules related to the language. Andrea has provided our son incredible skills to prepare him for class and make very good grades on exams through content and strategic ways of studying that has boost his confidence. Andrea recognized our son’s intelligence and skills, and was able to focus and identify his strengths that often teachers within the school system never have enough time for or see. Andrea is a very warm, caring and compassionate tutor that is very knowledgeable in Spanish. Our son very much enjoys having Andrea as his tutor. We highly value and recommend her.

Lisa G.

Andrea is amazing! She is a great Spanish tutor and I highly recommend her!!! We will not even consider contacting anyone else! She is the best!

Brandi M.

Andrea was wonderful. My circumstances were weird in that I needed her help to read a paper for one of my classes because my Spanish wasn’t good enough. She was very patient, which was important because the document in question was not easy to interpret for either of us! Also, she was quick to respond to my request for a tutor and was flexible about when and where to meet. I will definitely call her again when I next need help!

Ami A.

Our son is currently a sophomore and struggles due to dyslexia and reading comprehension deficits. With the deficits, it makes it hard for him to even sit down and study due to not being able to understand what he is reading. English is hard enough for him to get through let alone Spanish 2. All of that tied along with a hectic football schedule and other classes just made it harder. We hired Andrea in hopes of him just passing the class, but have been more than excited to see his grade go from a low C average to an A. Andrea has been awesome! She is very flexible with time and is always willing to work around our son’s schedule; even at just an hour’s notice. We continue to have Andrea come to our home every week to help with Spanish and she is always happy and makes the learning environment inviting. There are just not enough great things to say about Andrea and we are so happy to have found her.

Diana D.

Andrea is one of the most professional, dedicated, and knowledgable tutors that I know. She is committed to the study of Spanish and her students’ success. Through our own conversations (in Spanish and English), I have learned more about the Spanish language.  She is also enjoyable to be around, leaving everyone she comes in contact with feeling better about themselves and inspired to thrive.  You would be at a loss to not consider her as YOUR tutor.


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